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I might even try to keep a current picture here.

About Me

The UPenn shield, where I'm now a postdoc.

I received my Ph.D. in Physics at UC Berkeley in 2019 after receiving a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech in 2013. Going from undergrad to graduate school, I entirely switched research interests from atomic molecular and optical physics (particularly Bose-Einstein condensates) to weakly interacting physics and worked with a group studying neutrinos. Ultimately my thesis ended up being about using solar neutrinos to understand fundamental properties of neutrinos, and developing new neutrino detection techniques. You can find a copy here. During graduate school, my particular involvement was with the SNO, SNO+, and Theia projects.

The UC Berkeley seal. My graduate university.

Currently, I work as a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania where I continue to research neutrinos in the high energy physics group. I've remained involved in the SNO+ and Theia projects, and am getting involved in the DUNE experiment, where I'll be focusing on developing the trigger system / supporting hardware for the detector and exploring solar neutrino interactions in liquid argon.

Otherwise, I am 29 years old and hail from Macon, GA. I am a long time programmer and have contributed to many a project and learned many a language since I became interested in using computers to automate mundane human tasks (read: cheating on MMORPGs) back in the early aughts. Check out my GitHub for more about the projects I deemed most interesting. Besides physics and programming, I enjoy the outdoors (that is, photographing them), Minecraft (with mods... lots of mods), and astronomy.

I finally got around to buying an actual domain and now points to my server. When I discovered the top level domain .land existed, I couldn't resist, and is setup identically.

The Georgia Tech seal. My undergrad university.

Contact Info

Email is best, please and thank you. I'm benland100 almost wherever I am, and you can find me at these places:

  • GMail (primary/personal)
  • This server (secondary/personal) or
  • UC Berkeley (academic)
  • Georgia Tech (academic)
  • University of Pennsylvania (academic where I am bland100)
  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (where I am bjland)
  • SNOLAB (bland this time)

Otherwise I'm often on IRC:


Resume Stuff


  • Postdoctoral Scholar (September 2019 - present)
    Experimental Neutrino Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Student Researcher (April 2014 - August 2019)
    Experimental Neutrino Physics, UC Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • Graduate Student Instructor (August 2013 - May 2014)
    Physics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Undergraduate Student Researcher (May 2011 - August 2013)
    Ultracold Atomic Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Computer Specialist & Programmer (2007 - May 2011)
    Self Employed


  • University of California, Berkeley, CA
    PhD Physics, May 2019
  • University of California, Berkeley, CA
    M.A. Physics, May 2015
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
    B.S. Physics, May 2013 (GPA 4.0/4.0)


  • NSSC Fellowship, UC Berkeley (January 2017 - December 2018)
  • Pierotti Award, Georgia Tech College of Science (Spring 2013)
  • H. Fukuyo Outstanding Physics Undergraduate, Georgia Tech School of Physics (Spring 2013)
  • DAMOP Undergraduate Special Session, Invited Speaker (2012)
  • President's Undergraduate Research Award, Georgia Tech (Fall 2012)
  • Faculty Honors, Georgia Institute of Technology (all undergraduate semesters)
  • Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, United States of America (all undergraduate semesters)
  • Georgia HOPE Scholarship, State of Georgia (all undergraduate semesters)
  • Valedictorian, Mount de Sales Academy, Macon, GA (2009)


  • C.S. Gerving, T.M. Hoang, B.J. Land, M. Anquez, C.D. Hamley, M.S. Chapman. Non-equilibrium dynamics of an unstable quantum pendulum explored in a spin-1 Bose condensate Nat. Commun. 8, 1169 (2012).
  • T.M. Hoang, C.S. Gerving, B.J. Land, M. Anquez, C.D. Hamley, M.S. Chapman. Dynamic stabilization of a quantum many-body spin system. Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 090403 (2013).
  • Watchman Collaboration. The Physics and Nuclear Nonproliferation Goals of WATCHMAN: A WAter CHerenkov Monitor for ANtineutrinos. arXiv:1502.01132.
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  • T.M. Hoang, M. Anquez, B.A. Robbins, X.Y. Yang, B.J. Land, C.D. Hamley, M.S. Chapman. Parametric excitation and squeezing in a many-body spinor condensate. Nat. Commun. 7, 11233 (2016).
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  • B. J. Land, Z. Bagdasarian, J. Caravaca, M. Smiley, G. D. Orebi Gann. MeV-scale performance of water-based and slow liquid scintillators. arXiv:2007.14999.


Important Links


PGP public key:


SMART Usage Tracker:

For a collection of code I've written, check out my GitHub:

Simulation Applets

I went through a phase of making nice demos for the things I did in my free time. Here are some of them to play with. Unfortunately they are Java applets that browsers no longer support, but all the source is on my GitHub.

Miscellaneous Pages

I figured I'd leave the few pages I actually wrote on here as a token gesture. The Ballista page is pretty cool, as is the SMART page which documents one of my most widely used projects. See the links section for my usage tracker for it.

Cool Things

Random Projects