SMART Usage Statistics

SMART has been loaded 12716447 times (since v6.3 in Nov 2010) averaging 101470 loads per month and 3327 loads per day.

Loads are counted when the SMART window is made visible, not each time a script is run. Times are in EST.

Per day, SMART was loaded on average:
27 times for the last 100 days.
22 times for the last 50 days.
24 times for the last 25 days.
26 times for the last 10 days.
And 19 times yesterday.

Average SMART Loads by Day and Hour

Percent SMART Loads per Hour

SMART Weekly/Hourly Load Trends

SMART Version Trends

SMART Log Version Trends

Created by Benjamin Land a.k.a. BenLand100

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